‘Will & Grace’ Cast Reunite for Special New Episode

'Will & Grace' Returns, With a Message

'Will & Grace' Returns with New Episode

It’s been ten years since the cast of Will & Grace have filmed an episode. The reunion has been hyped for the past few days on social media. Eric McCormack got fans excited with a teaser on Twitter that held a not-so-secret message.

“A band of heroes WILL assemble to protect the world from aliens & destruction. Only an act of GRACE can save them in their battle for what IS right. Only they can bring America BACK from the brink.”


(The highlighted words in the video below amount to “Will & Grace is Back.”)

The rest of the cast were eager to share their excitement over the reunion.

The 10-minute special episode discusses an important issue, the 2016 Presidential Election, with classic Will & Grace humor.

Will and Grace both support Hillary Clinton for President. Karen, of course, supports Donald Trump. He even inspired her to build a wall to keep Rosario out of the main house. But we all know nothing can keep Rosario from her attended duties.

But Jack, flaky as ever, is undecided. Grace can’t seem to convince him of Hillary’s merits, and Karen has a hard time pulling him onto the Trump train. But there’s one special lady who has just enough influence to convince Jack to exclaim “I’m with Her!”

You can watch the hilarious episode below. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.



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