Weekend Roundup: Chris Hemsworth, Star Trek, Kim Davis and More

Chris Hemsworth shirtless in new Thor trailer, gay romance in Star Trek, screwed by Kim Davis again, and more in our weekend roundup.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor
Chris Hemsworth as Thor (Marvel Studios)

We hope you enjoyed your weekend. Hopefully it was spent in the sun with someone special. But it’s been a busy weekend, so let’s get to it.

Chris Hemsworth may have a new haircut, but he still brings the sexy back for Thor: Ragnarok

It’s summer, and that means one thing: Superhero movies. Among the many slated for release in the next few months is Thor: Ragnarok. Not much pairs as well as Chris Hemsworth when it comes to the steamy summer heat.

Chris brings back the accent, body and sex appeal we’ve been waiting for, but there’s one slight change this time around: No more long, golden hair. While Thor’s new haircut may have some up in arms, we don’t mind at all. After all, you can’t spoil a masterpiece by taking a few inches off the top.

You can get your next Hemsworth fix on October 27 when Thor: Ragnarok is released , but in the mean-time, here’s a trailer to tide you over.

The first gay couple on a Star Trek series revealed at Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con has always been an amazing source of exciting news in the industry, and this year is no exception. Anthony Rapp, who plays Lt. Paul Stamets in the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery series, sat down with other panelists to talk about the first gay couple to go intergalactic in a Star Trek television series.

The announcement of a gay character in the series was made last year, but this new revelation gives much more information about the details.

According to Rapp, his character’s love interest is another man. Reportedly played by Wilson Cruz, both characters will be officers on the ship.

“Wilson Cruz will be playing my love interest, my partner ― my man love ― and we’re both officers on the ship,” Rapp said during the panel.

Taxpayers are being forced to pay $225,000 bill for Kim Davis’ Defense


Kim Davis Mugshot
Kim Davis, who was arrested for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, poses for a mugshot.

Kim Davis, the Rowan County, Kentucky Clerk who refused to marry same-sex couples after the historic Supreme Court decision, is now back in the news. She was arrested in 2015 and racked up quite a large sum of legal fees after refusing to comply with the nation’s highest court. But this week voters are being screwed again.

Serving as Rowan County Clerk at the time, Davis was an elected official. She was responsible for upholding both local and federal laws. When she refused to comply with the Obergefell v. Hodges decision, she faced a long and costly legal battle, one she ended up losing.

After the dust settled and lawful order was returned to Rowan County, there was still the matter of the legal fees. This week a federal court ruled that Davis would not be responsible for the $225,000 legal bill, but that burden would be placed on Kentucky taxpayers.

“It is unfortunate that Kentucky taxpayers will likely bear the financial burden of the unlawful actions and litigation strategies of an elected official, but those same voters are free to take that information into account at the ballot box,” said William Sharp, legal director for the ACLU of Kentucky, according to the Lexington Herald Leader.

Germans celebrate Marriage Equality for the first time at Pride in Berlin

Berlin’s LGBT community gathered not only to celebrate Pride Weekend this Saturday, but to celebrate the passing of marriage equality laws in Germany.

Following a vote in the German legislature, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier signed into law a bill that grants same-sex couples the right to marry.

Germany joins 12 other EU member states that legally allow same-sex marriage, including Malta, which legalized same-sex marriage this month as well.

The importance of the historic decision wasn’t lost on Berlin’s LGBT community, who were eager to take to the streets and share their excitement.

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