U.S. Gymnast Danell Leyva Comes Out in Support of LGBT Rights

Team USA Gymnast Speaks Out in Support of LGBT Rights and Equality

Danell Leyva
Danell Leyva celebrates an outstanding performance (Photo: Brian Peterson/Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Out of the 11 out gay male athletes competing in the 2016 Olympic Games, none of them are from Team USA. But that doesn’t mean U.S. athletes don’t support LGBT rights.

Danell Leyva won Olympic bronze in London and silver in Rio. But his accomplishments go beyond the stage. Leyva is a staunch supporter of LGBT rights. He frequently speaks out in favour of equality for gay and trans people.

Danell posted a video on his Instagram account recently where he proudly sports a “Make America Gay Again” t-shirt, talks about trans rights, and offers his support for the Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting victims.


“The love within the LGBT community is so much stronger than the hatred against it,” Leyva said, “and it is our responsibility as non-LGBT people to emulate this love and create a world where LGBT people don’t need to crate their own safe spaces. That is a promise I’m making.”

Leyva identifies as straight. But the fight for LGBT equality is a global issue. LGBT people fighting for LGBT rights is very important, but it’s also vital for straight and cisgender people to support equality for everyone, including the LGBT community.

We look forward to supporting Danell Leyva as he competes in future competitions, just as he supports us.

(h/t OutSports)


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