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The executive of the space sector advocates on Biden to retain the National Space Council

VOX Space, the chief executive of Virgin Orbit’s sister corporation, prevailed on the Biden leadership to maintain the National Space Council, which was restored in 2017 by former President Donald Trump. “It’s a positive thing to do to keep the National Space Council intact,” Mandy Vaughn stated on January 21. VOX Space promotes the launch facilities of Virgin Orbit to the United States government. The firm executed its first orbital mission recently. Speaking at a session hosted by the non-profit organization, NewSpace New Mexico, Vaughn stated a “low hanging fruit” suggestion for the new government would be to continue the space committee.

Vaughn stated that the National Space Council is required for successful policy planning on civil, national security, commercial, and foreign space policy issues, with members from various federal departments as well as an industry user community. Under the George H.W. Bush era, the council was first established in the year 1989, dissolved in 1993 as well as restored by the Trump era in July 2017. “I think the Space Council has demonstrably succeeded in demonstrating a good process of change and in being capable of moving new policy proposals via the interagency mechanism,” Vaughn added. Biden has also been called upon by other scholars to maintain the National Space Council.

“What I would love to say to the leadership is, please just maintain space council together as I think it’s a vital element in ensuring that we’ve all of such interagency components at the highest level together with at the board,” she added. Vaughn supported the conclusions of a December study written by a coalition of officials from government and industry calling for a nationwide “whole government” initiative to encourage space technology and engineering as a source of economic development. The sustainability of the industry, Vaughn added, has “national safety consequences.” The space sector’s various aspects are intertwined, Vaughn added, but policies have had to take a systemic perspective.

Launch companies such as VOX Space rely on the government to be able to invest in and create demand for infrastructure. Vaughn stated, “The launch vehicle aspect is incredibly interesting, but… it’s only one component of a much, much bigger, deeper ecosystem.” Today, she added, the current space race is truly an economic battle with aspects of national security. “Financial and economic improvements need to take place as technology advances at the same speed as well as the rate of change.”

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