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Redstone Arsenal of Alabama was chosen as the future home of the United States Space Command

The Redstone Arsenal of the United States Army in Huntsville, Alabama, was selected as the United States headquarters of Space Command. Air Force Secretary Barbara Barrett confirmed the announcement on January 13, a day before she stepped down from her position. For Huntsville, dubbed “Rocket City,” the Redstone Arsenal’s choosing is a big success. The United States Space Command is now headquartered in Colorado Springs at the Peterson Air Force Base. Despite its reigning position as well as the consolidation of military bases and the space industry contractors, Alabama has deemed a long shot, as well as Colorado, was the front runner.

In August 2019, the Space Command was created as the 11th unified combatant command of the military. Around 1,400 military, as well as civilian staff, will be at the upcoming headquarters. Redstone Arsenal was among the 6 finalists declared in November by the Air Force. The other contestants included Patrick Air Force Base, Florida; Joint Base San Antonio, Texas; Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico; as well as Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska, in addition to Colorado’s Peterson Air Force Base.

“With more of these variables than any other town, Huntsville compared favorably, having a large, trained population, quality colleges, superior facilities capacity as well as low initial and the recurring expenses. In addition, as the lasting facility is being built, Redstone Arsenal provided a facility to assist the head offices at no expense,” the Air Force said during a statement.

Redstone Arsenal currently hosts the Army’s Space and the Missile Defense Headquarters and Army Strategic Forces Command, the Missile and Space Intelligence Centre of the Defense Intelligence Department, the Army Aviation and Missile Command the Missile Defense Agency activities.

Many defense contractors, as well as space industry sites, such as the United Launch Alliance as well as Blue Origin factories, are also housed in the city. Senator Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) advocated for the change firmly. “With over 400 aerospace & automotive tech firms, the industrial base around Redstone is dynamic,” he said during a release. In space as well as rocket science, development, production, operations, and servicing, the zone has long held the position of government leadership.’ When the Air Force initiated an open tender process, the recruitment process began in May. Proposals from 24 states were finalized.

Air Force announced the shortlist of sites on November 19, and a lobbying fight began. During the last month, a team of the Air Force leaders held in-person and simulated meetings with members of each locale. For the time being, the United States Space Command will stay at Peterson Air Force Base. The Air Force reports that the completion of an environmental assessment of the proposed site and new centers’ establishment could require up to six years.

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