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McQ unveils a new product that will provide global coverage using new Iridium Satellite Constellation

McQ Inc. has launched a new information networking product, McQ CONNECT, which will use Iridium Communications satellite constellation, Iridium Certus service to send and receive information from anywhere at any time. The new product is a tiny Satcom modem capable of sending information over various Internet Protocol (IP) networks in real-time. McQ CONNECT will “solve your global data management and display applications needs,” says their official site. This product provides information, imagery, and remote control capabilities from anywhere across the globe.

The firm closely works with the Department of Defense who needs high-end technology that will work smoothly regardless of the location. Its specializations are remote monitoring systems and surveillance products for government and commercial use. McQ developed this device using Iridium’s latest core technology transceivers, Iridium Certus 9770. Iridium picked the Virginia-based electronics company as one of its Value-Added Manufacturing (VAM) associates to create a new product based on the Iridium Certus 9770.

The Iridium Certus 9770 is the newest transceiver from Iridium. It provides low data rate IP data services with high speeds of up to eighty-eight Kbps for downloads and twenty-two Kbps for uploads. It is the first global IP data transceiver and can be used for various applications. McQ CONNECT is one of the devices to use this transceiver. The device has a tiny battery and can be powered by connecting to a power socket. It also comes with a small antenna that radiates radio power in all directions (omnidirectional). Furthermore, McQ CONNECT is strengthened to work in IP 67 networks.

The strengthening enables users to input information remotely through a secure channel and send command and control information to an application in any location globally. The device can send different types and sizes of information across the resilient weather spectrum using various messaging protocols. From application data, images, notifications, alerts, emails, monitoring data, and app commands and control, McQ CONNECT delivers.

Its compatibility with computers, servers, tablets, and smartphones allows you to send and receive voice messages. The tiny product measures 20 by 13 by 4centimtres and is about one kilogram in weight. It comes with a mounting feature to avoid shock and vibrations while being used in transit. McQ offers after-sales services to help you install the device and integrate it with your phone, tablet, and computer, among other interfaces. User interface applications include Android tablets and mobile applications.

Apart from working with the Department of Defense, McQ partners with the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Energy, and Department of Justice, among other government agencies in the US.

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