Russian TV Station Offers Gay People One-Way Tickets to Leave The Country

A Russian Orthodox television station is offering one-way plane tickets to gay people so they can leave the country and "openly submit to [their] sins."

Andrei Afanasyev of Tsargrad TV
Andrei Afanasyev of Tsargrad TV (Facebook)

According to the BBC, a religious Russian television station is offering gay people a one-way plane ticket to emigrate from Russia.

In a video posted on Facebook, Tsargrad TV encourages homosexuals to compete for the “prize” of a one-way plane ticket out of the country.

“Just recently, California – the most liberal state in the USA by the way – proposed to facilitate the granting of green cards to Russian perverts,” said TV host Andrei Afanasyev.

The channel regularly uses offensive terms to refer to LGBT people.

“The staff of Tsargrad TV support this initiative. Moreover, we are ready to pay for a one-way ticket to anyone who plans to emigrate in complete earnest, and can provide a medical certificate proving that they are sodomites or have other forms of perversion,” he added.

“We really want you to move there, where you can openly submit to your sins.”


Homophobia in the former Soviet Capitol continues to expand. Seemingly stemming from the religious and cultural right, homophobia in Russia is now deeply ingrained in the nation’s culture.

Even though LGBT individuals continue to face constant political and physical attack, there are still those in the country brave enough to fight back. Although these people can face serious consequences for their actions, they continue to fight for the belief that they are equal and deserve fair treatment under the law. They remind us that no matter how far the LGBT rights movement has come, there are still places in the world that continue to embrace bigotry and close-minded thinking.

Please consider supporting groups like The Russian LGBT Network, who battle daily to support the rights of LGBT individuals.


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