Russell Tovey in New Trailer for Gay Football Movie ‘The Pass’

In a New Trailer for ‘The Pass’ Russell Tovey Still Has It

The Pass

A new trailer has been released for The Pass, a film about a closeted footballer in a famous London Football Club.

The film was adapted from a play of the same name, in which Russell Tovey also starred in 2014. The production, which was held at London’s Royal Court Theatre, was a resounding success.

Nineteen-year-old Jason and Ade have been in the Academy of a famous London football club since they were eight years old. It’s the night before their first-ever game for the first team – a Champions League match – and they’re in a hotel room in Romania.

They should be sleeping, but they’re over-excited. They skip, fight, mock each other, prepare their kit, watch a teammate’s sex tape. And then, out of nowhere, one of them kisses the other. The impact of this ‘pass’ reverberates through the next ten years of their lives – a decade of fame and failure, secrets and lies, in a sporting world where image is everything.


Russell Tovey in 'The Pass'

Earlier this year, Tovey told the Evening Standard about his desire to see a pro-footballer come out as gay in the next few years.

“I hope it happens within the next few years, it just takes one person to be brave enough to do it. Apparently there is a big sponsorship deal for the first big Premier League player to come out, a multi-million pound deal, but no one has picked it up yet.

“They are going to be elevated to some level beyond what they are doing in sport and if you are the first person to do that then it is a terrifying prospect because of the attention that is going to get. Football crowds are so tribal, it’s gladiatorial, and they seize on any weakness their opponents show and sadly in football being gay is still seen as a weakness.”

You can watch the new trailer for The Pass below.


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