‘Pokemon Go’ Now has a Gay Adult Film Parody

Gay Adult Film Studio has Now Released Pokemon Go Parody

Pokemon Go Gay Adult Film Parody

The Pokemon franchise has gotten a major boost in popularity with the recent release of Pokemon Go. There’s Pokemon dating apps, t-shirts, TV shows, and now there’s a Pokemon gay adult film parody.

Men.com, the studio behind the parody, described the film. “After a long day of mastering their ball-handling technique catching F**kémon, Ash and his buddy, Brock, are in for a surprise. When the boys hunt down and catch a rare Peek-a-Choo, he evolves into a muscular sex god. What are these boys to do when faced with a hunky, real-life Peek-a-Choo?”


“Gay men have been using location-based apps for cruising and hooking up since the dawn of smartphones,” the film’s director told Huffpost. “‘Gotta catch ‘em all’ could easily be a tagline for gay location-based dating apps, too.”

Apparently the film is just the first of many planned for the F**kemon universe. Time will tell if the studio will be able to hold fan’s interest.

You can watch the safe-for-work trailer below.



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