Olympic Roundup: Oiled Tonga Warrior, Gay Olympic Torch Kiss and Tom Daley Wins Bronze

Tom Daley Wins Bronze, Oiled Tonga Warrior, Gay Olympic Torch Kiss

In Today’s Olympic Roundup, we’ll see the Tonga Warrior who sent the internet (and certain female broadcasters) into a frenzy with his oiled body at the Opening Ceremony. We’ll view the first gay kiss during the Olympic Torch relay. And we’ll celebrate as our favorite Out athlete, Tom Daley, wins Bronze with his teammate Dan Goodfellow in the Men’s 10m Synchronized Platform Dive.

Oiled Tonga Warrior Steals the Show at the Opening Ceremony

On Friday, the Parade of Nations, during the Olympic Opening Ceremony in Rio, was in full swing. The crowd was excited to have already seen well-know teams and were looking forward to team Brazil at the end. Just before the Trinidad and Tobago team made their way to the platform, the audience couldn’t help but be distracted by Team Tongo.


Tongo brought a small delegation to the 2016 Olympics, only 7 athletes. But their flag-bearer, Pita Taufatofua, stole the show. While proudly waving his nation’s flag, the 32 year-old Taekwondo competitor was dressed in native attire, with a oiled and glistening body.


The internet went crazy the day after, they couldn’t get enough of the attractive athlete in all his glory. But they weren’t the only ones. During the Ceremony, NBC commentator Hoda Kotb was obviously light-headed at the sight of the athlete. She awkwardly managed to mention “He’s so shiny!” before trying to regain her composure.

Taufatofua was born in Australia, but decided to compete with Team Tonga because of his Father’s heritage. We’re glad he did, while there are plenty of eye-catching athletes on the Australian team, none of them, unfortunately, made their Olympic debut shirtless and oiled up.

The First Gay Kiss During the Olympic Torch Relay

On the final leg of the Olympic Torch relay, while passing through the Ipanema neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, journalist Pedro Verissimo captured something special. In what is believed to be the first same-sex kiss during the famous Olympic Torch run, two male runners took a moment to share a kiss while passing the flame.

Even though parts of Brazil aren’t known for their acceptance of LGBT rights, the Ipanema neighborhood is renowned for its acceptance and gay population.

The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio are historic for LGBT people in many ways. Not only for the Torch Relay kiss, but for the fact that there are a record 44 Out LGBT athletes completing in the Games.

In another Olympic first, Laerte Coutinho became the first openly Transgender person to carry the Olympic Flame.


Tom Daley and Dan Goodfellow Win Bronze in 10m Synchronized Dive

We love the Olympics. We love the idea of so many Nations coming together in friendly competition while proudly representing their homes. But we can’t hide the fact that Tom Daley is one of the reasons we watch so attentively.

During the Men’s 10m Synchronized Platform finals, Tom Daley and his teammate Dan Goodfellow brought home Bronze for Team Great Britain.

While waiting for the results, Daley and Goodfellow were obviously nervous, but anxiety quickly turned to joy when the diving duo learned they made it to the Podium.


Tom will be competing solo in the Men’s 10m Platform competition on August 19. We hope to be able to share “Tom Daley Wins Gold” then.



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