NBC Finally Acknowledges Tom Daley is Gay in Profile Piece

Tom Daley Rio Olympics

Tonight during the NBC Primetime coverage of the 2016 Olympics Games, the network ran a 3-minute profile piece on Tom Daley. During the video, Tom discusses the hardships in his life, his Olympic career, and his relationship with his fiance Dustin Lance Black.

This is very noteworthy because of NBC’s past record of ignoring LGBT Athletes. NBC most notably decided to snub Daley’s fiance last week when they refused to even acknowledge his presence at Tom’s diving competition. In what seems like a reaction to the overwhelming backlash to that decision, NBC has not only decided to mention the fact that Daley is gay, and engaged to his Oscar Award-Winning Fiance Dustin Lance Black, they featured it very prominently in a lifestyle piece that aired during tonight’s coverage.

You can also watch the full video on NBC’s website.

Not only did the video showcase one of the most important parts of Daley’s life – his relationship with his fiance, NBC finally decided to mention hisĀ partnerĀ cheering him on in the crowd. Not only did they identify Lance as his partner, NBC made several comments about how Lance is such an important part of Tom’s life during the 10m Platform preliminaries commentary.

It’s obvious that this sudden turn is a result of the backlash NBC received for failing to identify Daley as gay or mention his fiance. We wish it hadn’t taken so much public outcry for NBC to profile the personal life of such an important athlete – something they do regularly with other athletes. But whatever the reason behind NBC’s decision to speak about Tom’s life, we’re glad we got to hear it from Tom’s perspective.

Thank you for doing the right thing NBC, we hope you keep it up.


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