London Pride Was The Place for Gay Marriage Proposals This Year

From rugby players, to police officers and soldiers, this year's London Pride was the place to propose.

A gay rugby player proposes to his partner during the Pride Parade in London.
A gay rugby player proposes to his partner during the Pride Parade in London.

Pride – That special time of the year when the LGBT community celebrates its diversity and shows the world how proud we are to be unique.

Fabulous entertainment, sexy men and women, and of course a colourful parade are all staples of Pride celebrations around the world. But no Pride event would be complete without family. Whether it’s a mom marching in support of her gay child or a newly married couple watching the parade together for the first time, family has always been an important part of any celebration.


This year’s London Pride was no exception. Many families begin their lives together with a single, simple question: “Will you marry me?” Quite a few people decided Pride in London this year was the perfect place to pop that very important question.

Damian Dagg and Joshua Thorne, who both serve in the British Armed Forces, met at the same event last year. It’s clear that the relationship has gone pretty well so far. During a photo op for all the military personnel participating in the event, Dagg took the opportunity to take his relationship with his boyfriend a step further.

From the look on his face, it’s pretty obvious that Joshua said “yes.”

Fernando Ferreira, a gay Rugby player, surprised his partner even more by taking a moment away from his march in the parade to propose to his boyfriend.

Ferreira, who plays for the Kings Cross Steelers RFC, one of the first gay-inclusive Rugby clubs in the area, was excited to share the moment with his team and other parade-watchers.

Many emergency service personnel participated in the London Pride celebration, not only to provide security for the event, but to celebrate the LGBT members in their ranks.

Dizzy, a British Transport Police officer, was just as happy and overcome with emotion when her girlfriend Jane proposed to her during the parade on Saturday.

British Transport Police shared the special moment on Twitter.

While we’re probably not as excited as the newly engaged couples, we were thrilled to see so many start a new chapter in their lives. We wish them all a long and happy life together.


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