Liam Hemsworth Cools Off in an Ice Bath and Flexes in Tiny Shorts

Liam Hemsworth knows how to fight the heat. In a post from his Instagram account, he takes an ice bath and flexes in tiny shorts.

This summer is a scorcher, from LA to the Midwest, from Australia to Europe, it’s hard to escape the heat.

But Liam Hemsworth knows how to cool off, while providing a delectable piece of eye candy at the same time.

(Be sure to scroll through the pics above.)

Liam may have been able to cool down with a nice ice bath, but we’re pretty sure he made it quite a bit hotter for the rest of us.

While you’re trying to cool off from the summer heat (and Liam’s steamy photos), be sure to check out his Instagram account. Maybe you’ll get so hot you’ll loop back around to being cool again.

This was a fun day. Say 🧀

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just flying through the air

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