Jack Discovers Grindr And Grace Finally Learns to Sing in ‘Will & Grace’ Trailer

"I feel like I could get finger herpes just from scrolling."

Jack Discovers Grindr in New 'Will & Grace' Trailer
Jack Discovers Grindr in New 'Will & Grace' Trailer (NBC via YouTube)

The 9th Season of Will & Grace officially kicks off September 28 on NBC. Originally planned for a one-season revival of the hit gay-comedy, Season 10 of the series has already been ordered, so we’re getting at least two more seasons.

If you’re biting at the bit like we are, don’t worry. There’s been some fantastic teasers for the new season, hopefully they can tide you over one more month until it finally airs at the end of September.

The latest trailer gives us a peak at the classic Will & Grace humor we were hoping wouldn’t be lost in the come-back season. (It hasn’t.)

You have to remember that the last full Will & Grace episode aired almost 12 years ago. The copious amount of gay dating apps we’re so used to weren’t around back then. But of course Jack would be the first to get with the times. In the trailer below he discovers Grindr. Like most of us, Jack is concerned about being safe while browsing the multitude of men.

“I feel like I could get finger herpes just from scrolling,” he says while browsing, only to discover there’s another gay man close by.

In a slightly older, but still hilarious and relevant trailer for the new season, we were elated to find Grace actually learned how to sing.

Known for her blood-curdling shrieks of ineptitude, Grace was never afraid to let her voice be heard. But it was never a pleasant experience for those around her.

The 5-minute teaser starts will Eric McCormack and Debra Messing leaving NBC Studios after learning they would be back to star in their iconic roles as Will and Grace. But there’s one problem: Debra isn’t sure she wants to do it again.

After stuffing her person with “free” candy and magazines from the studio, Eric drags Debra to their old “home.” After arriving at the iconic set, Eric does his best to remind her just how amazing it was 12 years ago.

After discovering Karen and Jack already at home on the set, the duo finally start to remember what it felt like to bring gay culture to the masses.

When it became clear that Grace was about to burst into song, we were ready to cover our ears in horror. But what came next was quite a shock. It’s clear that during those 12 years, Grace somehow learned how to sing.

Are you as excited as we are for Season 9 of Will & Grace? Let us know in the comment section below.



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