‘HunksForHillary’ Starts with One Shirtless Stud

Fitness Model Eric Turner Goes Shirtless for 'HunksForHillary'


You may have heard of Twinks4Trump. One was a satirical twitter phenomenon, the other was a strange ‘movement’ started by a whackjob who actually supports Trump. But of course, Hillary’s campaign needs it sexually-enticed supporters as well. That brings us to HunksForHillary, started by fitness model Eric Turner.



There doesn’t seem to be much support for the new initiative, yet. But how can you go wrong with shirtless studs like Eric supporting an actually sane candidate?

A few takers have joined the HunksForHillary bandwagon.


There’s still plenty of time before the November election to take off your clothes for a good cause. So, all you hunky Hillary supporters out there, show us what you got!


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