Gay U.S. Marine Veteran Says Florida Restaurant Told Him Same-Sex Affection ‘Is Not Welcome Here’

A former Marine says he was asked to leave a Florida restaurant for kissing his boyfriend

James Lacey
According to former U.S. Marine James Lacey, a Florida restaurant asked him to leave for kissing his boyfriend. (Photo: Screencap/News 6)

James Lacey, a Marine Veteran, was reportedly asked to leave the ‘First Turn Restaurant’ in Port Orange, Florida for kissing his boyfriend. “Kissing on the lips, hugging, holding each other. Just being like a normal straight couple, and they were pretty much offended by it,” Lacey said.

As News 6 of Orlando reports, Lacey and a group of men, including his boyfriend, were having drinks when a manager pulled him to the side. Lacey recounts the conversation. “She said some of the customers were complaining about our PDA and were offended. The manager told us that it’s not welcomed here.”


“I’m pretty sure if you saw a man and woman giving kiss on the cheek or a kiss on lips, they’re not going to say that’s not tolerated here, that’s not welcomed. That’s ridiculous. I truly feel it’s because we’re a gay couple.” Lacey said.

According to News 6, who spoke with the restaurant’s management over the phone, the restaurant denies asking Lacey and his group to leave. “We are a patriotic and family restaurant of more than 30 years. We don’t discriminate against anybody. We never have and never will. Safety and comfort for all our customers is top priority.”

According to a Yelp review (which was left under another name, so cannot be authenticated) a man claiming to be James Lacey has some harsh words for the restaurant.

“Dear First Turn (bar in port orange),

“Today I came to your bar with a group of my friends (all gay). You were more than happy to take our money, but the second I kissed my boyfriend with a gentle peck on the lips… you told us “you were offended and our kind is not welcome”.

“Ma’am, my name is Jim. I am a US Marine veteran. I served 3 tours in Iraq. I put that uniform on to protect the rights of all Americans. The right to be happy… the right live life no matter who you loved.

“It’s people like you that is setting this country backwards. Instead of moving forward and realizing we need to come together as a country, you ma’am, are participating in groups that are no better than the natzis, kkks, and ISIS/al qaeda….. oh… and the gangs that think it’s right to destroy their own community to prove a point.

“You obviously never served your country. You never had guts to wear that uniform. But by you presenting yourself the way you did, you just spit on the graves of all my brother and sisters in arms. They fought and died for all Americans to live freely and in peace. You ma’am, might as well as stepped on and burn the American Flag.

“On the anniversary of 9/11, you just spread the same hatred we felt 15 years ago. Also, with the hatred you shown, you might as well have been the shooter at Pulse. I pray for you.”

You can watch a video of the news report below.

According to NewNowNext:

‘He also revealed that a lesbian who worked at First Turn told him the same manager told her “she needed to change her ways.”

‘After seeing my story, she decided to stand up and quit her job. We’re getting together on Wednesday with the media. She states she has been a victim of discrimination while working there and is now standing her ground.”‘



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