‘Finding Prince Charming’ Premieres, Some Viewers Disappointed

The new gay reality show isn't off to a good start.

Finding Prince Charming

Finding Prince Charming, the gay take on The Bachelor, premiered last night on Logo. As we previously discussed, the new series could be a total success or a complete disaster.

Twitter users were quick to share their opinion of the show.


The overall reviews seem to be mostly negative. But it’s the first episode, so maybe the show still has some time to grab viewers’ attention.

Towleroad finds the series “boring.”

“The men vying for his attention are essentially more of the same. In an attempt to “defy stereotypes” the suitors talk about really wanting monogamy, fairy tale love and how being gay is “not all pride and pageantry.” It’s as if they were all pulled from early-aughts “post-gay” purgatory and given 2016 tasteful facial hair.

“I mean, just statistically speaking, you’re telling me none of these guys are showing up hoping to find a satisfying member of their polyamorous triad? No one wants to be monogamish? No one wants to just meet a guy to flip houses and share a Grindr account with? I’m all for debunking the belief that every gay man is sex-crazed and incapable of monogamy, but, like, some of us are? It all comes off not only as overly quaint, but actually disingenuous.

“It’s not only lust that’s been removed for the sake of #samelove, but these guys’ personalities seemed to have been removed with it. What a joyless, humorless collection of gay men. Are we so afraid of stereotypes that they aren’t even allowed to quip?!”

TheDailyBest asks “How could ‘Finding Prince Charming’ get it so wrong?”

“In the push for diversity in TV, the idea of a gay suitor on the actual Bachelor series has always seemed a provocative one. This is basically a version of that, and as such is wish fulfillment for some, and a lightning rod to others. Yet we met it the same way we meet all Big Gay TV Shows: with immediate snark, dismissive cynicism, and intense scrutiny for—dear god I can’t believe I’m about to use this word—“wokeness.”

“Me? I retired my Problematic Police badge, at least temporarily, when the show was announced. As we learned with Looking and just about every TV series featuring gay characters, no show can be representative of every gay experience.

“Rather than saddle the show with the responsibility of being everything for everyone, I thought I’d just watch the show for what it is—some hotties looking for gay love—and have a little fun. Relish in the camp. Maybe hatewatch a little. (But actually love it.)
Finding Prince Charming fails at even that. It’s not even bad enough to hatewatch. It’s worse than bad. It’s a snooze.”

Time will tell if audiences continue to react negatively to the show or end up embracing it.



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