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EV Supply Equipment tenders are open for the Kochi Water Metro

For its water metro initiative in Kochi, Kerala, Kochi Metro Rail Company, a particular purpose vehicle (SPV) created between the Kerala government and the central government has welcomed bidding for the electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). The project’s scope includes the extensive design, procurement, and distribution, construction, testing, and commissioning of EVSE, plus associated water metro project facilities. Electric Vehicle charging stations, the electric recharging points, or merely charging points, are the EVSEs.

Bidders are also liable for the model, engineering, developer’s work research, quality assurance, procurement, packaging, an erection that does include performance testing, as well as commissioning of the CCS2 gun (200A continuous) power 150 kW DC EVSE quick charging along with all fixtures, fittings as well as mounting equipment in compliance with technical requirements in boat terminals. The initiative will be funded in part by German funding agency KFW as well as the government of Kerala. The final day for bids to be submitted is 22 February 2021. Bids will commence on the 24th of February. On January 20th, the pre-bid session will be held.

As the earnest cash deposit, eligible bidders would have to apply a sum of about ₹1.75 million (~ $ 23,910). The Kochi Water Metro initiative envisages the construction of 15 defined routes, linking 10 islands and a 76 kilometer long network of the routes with the fleet of 78 swifts, fuel-efficient ferries serving 38 terminals. This program would install 24 EVSEs on numerous water metro stations. Eligible bidder should have done comparable work as a primary contractor or the consortium partner over the last 7 years to engage in the competitive tendering process.

The eligible bidder should have executed a minimum of one contract with a lower limit of ₹140 million (~$1.91 million) or 2 contracts each that has a minimum value of ₹90 million (~$1.23 million) or about three contracts each with a lower limit of ₹70 million (~$956,418). Five EVSEs with each with a capacity of about 50 kW or even more and based on the DC quick charging technology were expected to be made, supplied, built, and commissioned by the bidder. The bidder’s lowest average an annual turnover in the preceding 3 fiscal years must be a minimum of ₹235 million (~$3.2 million). Over the past two years, metro companies in several states have numerous measures to reduce their carbon emissions by transitioning to green energies to fulfill their energy needs. So far, Kerala has released bids to build electric vehicle charging facilities at 26 sites in the state, as per Mercom’s India Solar Tender Tracker.

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