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The growth of the electric vehicles sector shows that transformation to clean energy is possible

One of the areas that consume a lot of energy is the transport industry. Therefore, if the world will realize any change, it has to be seen in automotive. That’s why there is hope for the energy transition since a lot of growth has been seen, especially last year. The internal combustion engine may be a thing of the past soon. After all, almost all the giant electric vehicles manufacturer had something to offer in 2020.

The leader of electric vehicle innovation was Tesla, which doesn’t come as a surprise. It was the same thing the previous year, but the fact that it has retained its position shows its determination to play a significant role in this transformation. However, 2020 wasn’t generous to other rivals, including Volkswagen Group, Hyundai Motor Group, GM, and Fiat Chrysler. Regardless, some of the various innovations went beyond unveiling or promising new EV models. In addition to new electric vehicle models, other related areas also showed immense growth. They include their batteries where its technology is increasing, and the charging infrastructure area wasn’t left behind.

It is essential to acknowledge some achievements of Tesla. It had a target of the amount of EVs it could deliver every quarterly. Going by the records, it was on the right track to reaching the 500,000 mark, which was its annual goal. It is also no secret that it made Elon Musk quite an amount of money. The 2020 model, Model Y, was also an improvement from its 2019 counterpart in several ways. For instance, its range was over 400 miles for a single charge. Its price also went down, whereas the acceleration improved. Equally important, having begun delivering the Model Y in March, the electric vehicle had also registered some advancements towards the year. A good example is the December release, which would allow three rows and a seven-seat arrangement.

Nevertheless, Tesla didn’t manage to keep all its promises, including Tesla Semi. In April, its release was postponed to 2021. All is not lost since its production is already ongoing, which means the 2021 target is realizable. Through a leaked email, it was evident that Elon Musk wants the Tesla Semi’s production to stop being limited and start being produced in large volumes. There is also the full self-driving package. Given the price announced earlier, the actual one of July 2020 reported in May was higher by a mile. Interestingly, the July price of $7000 had increased by $10000 in October.

Other policies are supporting the transport energy towards electric vehicles. For instance, Governor Gavin Newson of California declared that come 2035, selling new fuel-powered cars would be illegal. Hawaii, Washington, and New York are also planning to follow suit. The bottom line is that the future of the electric vehicles sector seems bright.

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