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Electric Power Research claims that FreeWire battery charger will boost in operational and installation costs of EV batteries

The world is gradually settling for electric vehicles as various governments try to achieve the net-zero-emission target. This transition has been running for years, and 2021 shows rapid growth to a digital and clean future. The recent reports state that people are slowly investing in EVs in various countries. However, one of the challenges surrounding electric vehicles is the battery technologies. Statics states that one of the reasons why EVs are more expensive than traditional cars is battery technology. As a result, many companies are innovating new products to reduce the cost of these electric cars.

FreeWire Technologies is one of the companies with superior battery technology. The company is a popular leader in EV power and charging solutions. On April 6th, it announced its next-generation EV charger, verified by a study from EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute). The study validates the charging product’s economic pros and outstanding functionality.

Via their announcement, FreeWire states that EPRI has verified the functionality of their next-generation charging product.  Additionally, this product will promote the expansion of charging infrastructure, leading to electric cars’ growth. The research of the Boost Charger dates back to November last year, and they are two advantages of the battery technology, including:

  • Low installation cost as a result of a reduction in infrastructure requirements
  • Low operation cost thanks to its load shifting abilities

The well-researched report states that the Boost charger has a fast-charging setting with low voltage input; hence it is less expensive to maintain. That is, it has the power to save about $30,000 for the customers annually. The CEO of FreeWire, Arcady Sosinov, commented on the batteries stating that the most significant issue surrounding EV batteries is the ultrafast infrastructure for fast charge and maintaining the power grid. And the Boost charger is the solution to these problems since it saves on power and has a fast charge setting.

EPRI report claims that the Boost Charger can save energy costs of at least $29,180 and installation cost. Additionally, these details verify that FreeWire’s next-generation charging product enables site hosts and utilities to deliver fast chargers and the EV demand increases. Arcady said that the EPRI report shows that the Boost charger is legit and a great option to improve the charging infrastructure.

Boost Charger is a powerful EV charger that outputs high power and reduces energy charges. Also, it has an easy installation technology with the existing charging infrastructure. Currently, the company has deployed more than 200 chargers to companies, commercial customers, gas stations, and fleets. FreeWire battery charger will help the planet in its move to clean energy.

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