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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer pushes plan to replace ICEs with EVs through government discounts

In a bid to speed up America’s transition to battery-powered vehicles, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has re-introduced a bill seeking to replace all gasoline cars with electric vehicles (EVs) at a discount. This bill will strengthen President Joe Biden’s call for a massive infrastructure bill. “It is a bold new plan designed to accelerate America’s transition to all-electric vehicles on the road, to developing a charging infrastructure, and to grow American jobs through clean manufacturing,” said Schumer in an interview. “And the ultimate goal is to have every car manufactured in America be electric by 2030, and every car on the road be clean by 2040,” added Schumer.

Schumer first introduced the bill in 2019, but then it didn’t elicit much debate. With the current government backing Democrat’s ideas, the proposal stands a better chance. When passed, consumers would trade their gas cars for an electric vehicle and get the important point of sale incentives. “We are eyeing rebates that are more generous than the current $7,500 federal EV tax credit,” a spokesperson confirmed. Schumer also wishes rebates be issued to carmakers to help them phase out the manufacture of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. The bill also proposes incentives for property developers to install charging infrastructure at their buildings. Also, local governments will receive subsidies to enable them to revamp the nation’s EV charging network.

Biden’s support for the climate change agenda and his Build Back Better proposal is in agreement with Schumer’s plan, and he would buy the idea. “I have not sat down and discussed the whole thing with them, but yes, I think it is going to be part of the infrastructure plan,” commented Schumer about speaking to the White House. Biden has issued an executive order to have the whole fleet of 650,000 government cars replaced with all-electric vehicles made in the US. He also promised to set aside billions of dollars to expand the nation’s EV charging stations by adding approximately 500,000 charging stations.

National labor unions have endorsed Schumer’s proposal, which is an advantage for the bill’s success. These labor unions include the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), United Automobile Workers (UAW), and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).

“I am excited by the substance of the proposal, but I’m also excited by the politics,” added Schumer. The proposal stands a good chance with the unions’ support, and although the Republicans are against any bill by democrats, Schumer believes he can ‘peel away a few republican votes.’

Critics have disagreed with the bill’s provisions saying the money used in incentives could be diverted to upscaling America’s transport infrastructure. Schumer has defended his proposal saying “he is working on a large investment in clean mass transit for now. “Transit is an integral part of the way to revolutionize the way we move around. I am not going to compare. We need to do both,” Schumer said.

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