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Jaguar planning on a 100% switch to electric vehicles

The Jaguar car brand will be switching to fully electric models only. The company announced this as its plan to halt emissions coming from its line of products. The automotive industry has been on the quest to reduce emissions, which might prove to be the most efficient strategy. The British-based manufacturer, Jaguar Land Rover, under Tata Motors from India, stated that this move would be activated from 2025 when they have fully understood this sector’s operations. Meanwhile, the company’s research and development department is investigating the plausible way to approach the transition with models that will prove valuable to the customers.

The company announced that it projects to witness 60% of the Land Rover sales being electric vehicles by the end of this decade. This announcement came after the executives of the company noting that there are growing advancements in battery development that would make these cars affordable while maintaining the desired mileage range.

Moreover, the company would be adhering to the stringent regulations deployed to minimize carbon emissions globally. Elsewhere, General Motors revealed that it wants to switch its product line with electric vehicles in the next fourteen years. After witnessing Tesla’s success despite selling only electric cars in the last two decades, the company announced this. Other companies joining in this quest but as startups include Lucid Motors and Rivian, which are planning to supply purely electric cars into the market. The automotive market will soon be infiltrated with electric vehicles pressing the countries to ban internal combustion engine cars completely.

The shift to electric cars has made Jaguar announce that it will stop the production of its Jaguar XJ full-size car. This move will ensure that the company finds a substitute electric design for the car but still go under the same name. Big cars are slowly fading out of the market, with consumers loving the SUVs. This trend has caused Land Rover to purpose six electric vehicle models for production through the next five years in the design of Defender, Range Rover, and Discovery.

The first of these models will be in the market in the next three years. Jaguar Land Rover declared that its new mission is to reach net-zero carbon emissions in its products, supply line, and activities by 2040. This move will set the company apart as a brand that pursues and fulfills its objectives. Finally, the entire transportation sector is under a transition, ensuring that the environment becomes clean since the emissions would have been eliminated.

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