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Texas blackout warnings to the world and President Biden

In recent times, Texas’ massive blackout has led to people giving opinions on the same. However, many seem to blame the renewable energy sources project for a green country. A recent post stated that the power blackout was a result of misguided green energy policies that are causing havoc in Texas.

The cause of Texas’s power outage recently is credited to extreme cold and poor winterization of Texas’s energy systems. However, it is no secret that the state has been working on constructing heavily renewable energy power plants for years. To some, renewable energy power sources have been favored when it comes to supporting and growth compared to reliable energy generation. The Texas policies in support of the green energy project have been working to minimize the use of nuclear and coal. However, millions in the state are experiencing how things will turn when the weather is terrible.

Some say that the state’s wind resource is reliable and unreliable. That is, it is not something people can count on, especially during desperate times. As of 2021, the state has invested tens of billions of dollars to put up wind turbines. But when millions need power, the wind energy power plant has disappointed many. The cold weather is getting worse from the reports, and the wind generation seems to sit there immobile and frozen in almost half the state when the state needs them. On February 7, this year, the wind was able to source the state’s 42% electricity. However, by February 11, the power output ranged up to 8%.

Due to the harsh climatic conditions, it is clear that Texas’ power outage was inevitable. Different competing narratives have sparked wind failure, claiming that fossil fuel plants are the real cause of power failure. But various reports from ERCOT can confirm otherwise. Despite the freezing of cooling systems, natural gas pipelines and coal plants were still able to up their game and increase their power.

Other than the loss of wind, there are still some losses in the natural gas sector and coal generation. Things may be changing, but the massive power blackout is still negatively impacting millions. Many claim that if the state were fair and had placed the same importance on nuclear plants and coal like they place on renewable energy, things would be different. The state would have ample, safe, reliable, and emission-free electricity despite the lousy weather.

Experts claim that this will not be the last massive blackout since weather changes with time. Since President Biden is working on greener energy sources, these cases will occur frequently. Despite how good President Biden’s motive is on renewable energy, power issues will lead to a dark future.

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