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How safe are the Electric Vehicles?

Many electric vehicle owners worry about range anxiety, while quite a number of them fear about their safety. This is a major concern since EVs are powered by highly combustible batteries and pack high voltage electrical systems. However, it is good to note that electric cars are safe, just like conventional vehicles. They also have great features that are aimed to protect occupants together with other road users. The following are some of the detailed EV safety guides:

These machines go through rigorous checking processes to ensure they are as safe as possible. The manufacturers also subject their electric vehicles to Euro NCAP assessment, where the EVs almost perform as the internal combustion models. EVs are equipped with extensive crumple zones, strong structures, and multiple airbags, ensuring that the occupants are safe and adequately protected if the vehicle has an accident.

One of the significant issues concerning EVs is fire. In the past few years, there have been fire incidents after EVs are involved in accidents, causing new buyers’ nervousness. Many think that fire can occur mostly to internal combustion, which uses flammable substances such as petrol. EV is likely to agonize from a conflagration when a collision occurs. What usually happens to the lithium-ion battery is that it suffers from thermal runaway.

This happens when a cell gets destroyed and short-circuits, allowing the flammable electrolyte inside the battery to ignite. As a result, the battery gets hotter and hotter, using all the energy stored, and eventually burns if it exceeds 1000degrees Celsius. The worse happens when the increased heat destroys the neighbouring cells. Here thousands of cells also start burning to an extent where the fire cannot put it off. The good thing is that each individual cell is covered by advanced phase-change materials that absorb heat, reducing other neighbouring cells’ risk from overheating. The EVs also have safety systems that help to isolate the battery in case a crash occurs.

Since July 2019, it is a legal requirement that all new EVs be equipped with an electronic noise emitter. This is intended to protect cyclists and other pedestrians using the road. Another thing about electric vehicles that guarantee their safety is the charging plug and socket, which are well designed to ensure that no or very little water or dirt particles enter inside. The charging stations are also weatherproof, meaning that you can plug-in without any worry, irrespective of the weather.

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