Disney Cut Gay Kiss from ‘Descendants 2’

Fans aren't happy that a kiss between their favorite characters was cut from a Disney film.

Descendants 2 Gay Kiss
Harry Hook and Gil share a kiss in 'Descendants 2', which was cut from the film by Disney. (Photo: Instagram)

Fans of the Disney Channel Original Movie Descendants 2 aren’t happy about a gay kiss being cut from the film. The kiss between characters Harry Hook and Gil was publicized by the actors prior to the film’s release (Thomas Doherty and Dylan Playfair, respectively), so fans were excited to watch the moment in the movie. But apparently Disney decided to cut it from the film, which angered quite a few people.

Taking to social media, fans were quick to share their disappointment.

“Man disney needs to open up don’t delete the scene embrace it.” said rainbowfox65687 on Instagram.

The relationship and kiss between the characters was part of the book that inspired the film, so not all hope is lost. If Descendants 3 is made, there’s still time to embrace Harry and Gil’s relationship.

We had hoped that Disney’s strong stance on the gay dancing scene in Beauty and the Beast would have paved the way for future LGBT equality, but apparently a gay kiss is just too much for the media giant, for now.


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