Danell Leyva Strips Down in Rio

U.S. Gymnast Danell Leyva strips down during a playful performance in Rio.

Danell Leyva Show

At a post-competition gala, US gymnast Danell Leyva strips off his leotard in a crowd-pleasing performance.

The event wasn’t a medal competition, but a venue for the athletes to celebrate their time at the Olympic Games. And Danell Leyva did just that. During a routine set to Pitball’s ‘Fireball,’ Leyva sported a few dance moves and parallel bar tricks before going shirtless.


Danell Leyva Strips

Needless to say, the crowd went wild. Danell, who is known for playfully showing off, put on quite a show. You can watch a clip of the performance, courtesy of NBC Sports, below.

Not to be outdone, and taking advantage of the crowd’s mood after Leyva’s performance, Ukraine‚Äôs Oleg Verniaiev put on a shirtless show of his own.

So not only is Danell Leyva an out-spoken advocate for LGBT rights, he certainly knows how to put on a show.