Colton Haynes and Charlie Carver Return to Teen Wolf as Gay Characters

Colton Haynes and Charlie Carver will reprise their roles in Season 6 of 'Teen Wolf'. This time they're both gay.

Colton Haynes and Charlie Carver share a kiss on 'Teen Wolf'
Colton Haynes and Charlie Carver Return to 'Teen Wolf' as Boyfriends (MTV via YouTube)

Both Colton Haynes and Charlie Carver came out as gay last year, after their time on Teen Wolf was over. But now both actors are returning to play gay characters on Season 6 of the series.

Colton Haynes portrayed Jackson during the first 2 seasons of Teen Wolf. Jackson was a typically spoiled rich kid who wanted nothing more than to become a werewolf. But after finally getting his wish and being bitten by an “alpha,” Jackson turned into something much worse. Instead of becoming a werewolf, Colton’s character transformed into a “kanima” – a lonely snake-like creature whose suffering leads it to seek out a master and become a weapon of vengeance.

Colton Haynes as Jackson Whittemore in 'Teen Wolf' Season 2
Colton Haynes as Jackson Whittemore in ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 2 (MTV)

After overcoming his inner-demons, Jackson finally became a werewolf near the end of Season 2. Following a slightly cheesy joke about “an American werewolf in London,” Colton’s character left the series at the end of season 2, never to be heard from again.

Charlie Carver played Ethan in Season 3 of Teen Wolf. Ethan first appeared as a member of an “alpha pack” early in the season. His character on the show, like many of his other acting roles, was accompanied by his twin brother Max Carver – who portrayed Aiden in the show.

Charlie Carver as Ethan in 'Teen Wolf' Season 3
Charlie Carver as Ethan in ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 3 (MTV)

It was revealed early on that Charlie’s character in the show was gay, even though the actor wasn’t out at the time. Ethan began a romantic relationship with another character on the series after breaking away from the alpha pack and joining the “good guys.” At the end of Season 3, distraught over the death of his twin brother, Charlie’s character Ethan left the show. Although the brothers were briefly mentioned in Season 5, neither played a significant role in the series after leaving in 2014.

That brings us to Season 6 of Teen Wolf, the current and final season of the series. Season 6 began in November 2016. It was originally planned to be a standard season, but later transformed into a 2-part story arc of 10 episodes each. Part 2 began on July 30.

MTV recently released a teaser for the upcoming episode “Werewolves of London,” which is set to air on September 10. Not only does the trailer herald the return of both Colton Haynes and Charlie Carver to the show, it reveals that the actors will now both be portraying gay characters, who are in a relationship.

The video begins with Ethan in London. He’s apparently not very happy that his partner is late for their anniversary plans. After a few frustrated voice-mails, Ethan finally finds out why his boyfriend is late. Jackson bursts through the door, his hands bound by rope from his apparent attackers.

After a brief tussle, both Ethan and Jackson spring a surprise on the would-be assailants when Jackson breaks free of his restraints, valiantly rescuing both himself and his boyfriend. Although Ethan seems a little upset that his newly-framed photos of the couple were destroyed during the rescue, his anxiety quickly melts away as the couple share a romantic and intimate kiss.

Even though we have to wait a few weeks to find out more about the new couple, both actors and showrunner Jeff Davis give us some insight into the characters during an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“It makes total sense,” Haynes told EW, speaking of his character’s sexuality. “That’s why Jackson carried around that angst.”

Davis shared his opinion of the characters as well as his plans for them, telling EW: “They’re so sweet together. I thought, if Jackson comes back, he’s coming back in a relationship with a guy. Whether that means he’s bisexual or gay, that’s how he’s returning. I just felt like he went off to London and found himself.”

Carver is equally excited about the budding romance. “We’re an odd couple,” Carver told EW. “His character’s always been kind of an arrogant prick, so I’m the one who tones him down.”

We’re sure Ethan’s up to the task, and we can’t wait to see the new couple kick some more ass when the remaining episodes air.

Both Haynes and Carver have been active in the LGBT community since coming out last year. Colton Haynes recently received the HRC Visibility Award.


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