Britney Spears Fan Puts on ‘Private Show’ in Locker Room

A stud gets interrupted while performing his rendition of Britney Spears' 'Private Show' in a locker room.

Locker Room 'Private Show'

Britney is back again, and with a bang. Her new single, Private Show, debuted in the Billboard Top 10. As always, there is no shortage of gay guys jumping head over heals onto the Britney train.

One fan decided to put on his own Private Show in a gym locker room after working out. Things start off fun with a strip-tease-esque booty bounce, that is before another guy walks in.

The would-be backup dancer, simply known as ‘Gutter Spice’ on Twitter, has nothing to be ashamed of, but we guess it’s kind of shocking when someone walks in on your intended Private Show. In a classy and elegant recovery, Gutter simply gets up and pretends like nothing out of the ordinary was going on.

To the guy in the background: you’re cute and all, but did you really have to ruin the show? We were looking forward to seeing where this was headed.

But seeing how Gutter is getting quite a bit of attention on social media, maybe he’ll give his fans their wish and finish off the show. Or maybe he’s saving that for the man he hopes to get from all the exposure.

(h/t TheGailyGrind)



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