12-Year-Old Boy Attempts to Block Anti-Gay Protest in Mexico

Iconic Photo of a 12-Year Old boy standing for LGBT equality in Mexico

Mexican Boy Attempts to Stop Anti-Gay March
Mexican Boy Attempts to Stop Anti-Gay March (Photo: Manuel Rodriguez)

Over the weekend, thousands of protesters marched in Mexico to protest the adoption of same-sex marriage in the country. In an iconic image described by the Mexican publication Regeneracion as “reminiscent of the ‘tank man’ image the world knows so well,” a 12-year-old Mexican boy attempted to block more than 11,000 anti-gay protesters from marching.

Tank Man


The photograph was taken by journalist Manuel Rodriguez. β€œAt first I thought the child was only playing,” Rodriguez said. But after interviewing the child, he was quoted as saying. β€œI have an uncle who is gay and I hate the hatred.”

The protest took place in Celaya, Guanajuato, which is one of the 9 Mexican states that have already legalized same-sex marriage. Attempts are currently underway to bring marriage equality to 22 others states in Mexico.

Love and equality may, unfortunately, be divisive issues to some. But this brave boy reminds us all how important it is to take a stand for what’s right. We have no doubt this image will go down in history as one of the most pure examples of LGBT activism the world has ever seen.



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